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Murder Charges

Chicago Murder Defense Attorney

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Murder or homicide is the most life-altering criminal charge that a person can face. If you are convicted of murder in the state of Illinois, the minimum sentence is 20 years. If a firearm was used which was the direct cause of death and the State proves this fact up at trial, the mandatory minimum sentence is 45 years. In fact, under Illinois law, certain murder charges, including the murder of a police officer, or deaths caused by aggravated arson, may subject the accused to the death penalty.

If you have been wrongfully coerced into confessing to murder, or if you have been falsely accused based on questionable eye-witness testimony, it is important to have a lawyer by your side who understands how to address this kind of evidence. Contact one of the experienced Chicago murder defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas Glasgow, Ltd., in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Only a small percentage of criminal defense lawyers in Illinois are certified to handle murder trails in which the death penalty is involved. Attorney Thomas Glasgow is certified as lead Counsel in death penalty cases by the Illinois Capital Litigation Trial Bar, while attorney William Beattie is a certified second chair. Our lawyers have handled all types of murder charges, including infanticide cases, children charged in the deaths of their parents cases, bludgeoning cases, circumstantial-evidence cases, forensics cases, DNA-evidence cases, blood-spatter cases, firearm cases, footprint cases, coerced-confession cases, insanity defense cases, diminished-capacity cases, and retrials.

In any murder case, the state will use a team of investigators to uncover evidence that supports the charges. At the Law Offices of Thomas Glasgow, Ltd., we use our own team of investigators to try and discover what really happened, as well as uncover any favorable evidence. Using any information we discover during our investigation, we will prepare an aggressive defense to be utilized in pretrial motions, trial by judge or jury, and, if necessary, any appeal or retrial.

Our lawyers also defend people charged with reckless homicide in aggravated or felony DUI accidents.

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